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Soft seal gate valves

Soft sealing wedge valves, manufactured and coated in Israel by the Hakohav company, are common for conveying liquids from water to raw sewage.

A wedge valve belongs to the family of gate valves whose outstanding feature is the full passage when they are in the open position, which makes it possible to transfer through these valves thick, dirty and even viscous flows.

The valve is considered the most reliable of its kind and is used as a buffer valve that prevents flow for years

For this reason, the wedge valves star in the field of conveying sewage to its stages (sewage, effluents, settled water).

Its main virtue is safety, which is why the use of buried installations of valves directly on the piping in trenches or underground cells has greatly expanded. In this installation, the reliability of the valve is of the utmost importance, since the valve is required to function in a humid to wet environment, and in operations that can be rare, but the valve should function properly despite these challenges.

The wedge valves comply with Israeli standard 61, which is a mandatory standard, and are regularly tested and approved by the Israeli Standards Institution.

The wedge valves of Hakohav have been manufactured and marketed by it since the beginning of the nineties of the last century.

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