Gaon Group Management

Harel Beit On
Chairman of Gaon Group

Founder Partner and Private Equity Fund Manager

Guy Regev
Chairman of Gaon Group

Formerly CEO of the Shaked Global Group

Moshe Misgav
CEO of the Technology Division

Formerly CFO and Deputy CEO of B. Gaon Holdings Ltd., VP of M&A at B. Gaon Holdings Ltd., Director of the Research Department at Dash Apex Holdings Ltd.

Danit Mor Yosef
CEO - Infrastructure
and Industry Division

CEO of the Gilvun Company
CEO of “Zaitman” Industries

Shai Shaltiel
CEO of the Building Systems Division
CEO Sagiv

Over 30 years of managerial experience in various companies

Rafi Ifergan
CEO - Construction
& Development Division

Formerly CEO of Middle East Tube Company, Associate CEO, Mekorot.

Nissim Lachem

Formerly CFO – Dash Apex Holdings Ltd., Chairman of Tachlit ETFs, Co-CEO of Dash Exchange Services Ltd., CFO of Meitav Investments, CEO of Meitav Dash Exchange Services Ltd., Deputy To the CEO of Gaon Capital Markets Ltd

Hanna Frank Blattner
VP Human Resources

Head of Human Resources and Projects Osem-Nestle
Director of Recruitment, Mobility and Diversity at the Coca-Cola Group
Director of Human Resources at the Coca-Cola Group

Martine Ashraf
Legal Advisor

Formerly Attorney at Assael Attorneys

Ido Shefer
VP Operations
& Supply Chain

Shalem Packaging Solutions – VP Operations
Unilever – Plant Manager, Logistics and Operational Excellence Manager
Unilever – Logistics Center Manager
Soltam Systems – Logistics Manager