Advanced Galvanizing Services

Gilvun specializes in hot zinc galvanizing of steel products.
The Company is a fully-owned subsidiary of Middle East Tube Company of Gaon Group.
Hot zinc galvanizing prevents oxidizing of the metal and is the most cost-effective method of protecting the product against corrosion and rust; the resulting product surface is extremely smooth and durable.
The galvanizing plant is located in the Akko Industrial park and provides galvanizing services to customers from all over the country.
The Company customers benefit from a highly-experienced, professional and skilled staff, which provides technical consulting services from the preliminary design stages. This includes an Engineering Department, which supports each project as needed.
The Company operates one of the most stringent quality assurance management operations in the industry and operates in accordance with the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s standards

Lines of Business

צנרת + פרופילים
מעקות, שערים, מעקות כביש
רשתות לגדרות, רשתות לענף הבניין וגשרים
ברזל מקצועי
צנרת + פרופילים
מעקות, שערים, מעקות כביש
רשתות לגדרות, רשתות לענף הבניין וגשרים
ברזל מקצועי

About the galvanizing process

Galvanizing is a chemical process in which a bond is formed between the zinc and the iron such that the coating becomes an integral part of the surface of the product.
Thanks to the chemical bonds which form in the galvanizing process, the coating is protected against shocks and blows which may occur during shipping and maintenance.
The galvanizing process is done by dipping the product in the melted zinc, which ensures interior and exterior coating of the entire surface.
The galvanizing process provides the best protection against rust and is the longest-lasting coating method.

Hot galvanizing - advantages

Hot galvanizing is the most suitable, cost-effective process for protecting steel against corrosion, which occurs from the product’s prolonged exposure to oxygen and humidity.
Hot galvanizing protects the steel through an electrochemical reaction. This is in contrast to a coat of paint, which only provides physical protection, and which leaves the product, in case of damage to the coating, exposed and vulnerable to the ravages of the environment and the weather.
The Company galvanizes products of various sizes and materials according to customer needs.
The galvanizing bath dimensions in meters are: Length 12.5, width 1.5, depth 2.5.

Preparation of elements for galvanizing

The Company provides advice on various issues, including:
Matching the steel type with the galvanizing in order to achieve optimal results.
Providing guidelines on piercing the product to enable optimal draining of the excess zinc when removing the product from the bath.
Large, heavy products weighing up to 8 tons per item, up to 12.3 meters in length.
Double-dipping of products longer than 12.3 meters.

The galvanizing process

– Identification, labeling, preparation of the products
– Cleaning oils before galvanizing
– Acid treatment – to remove rust
– Washing in water
– Dipping in flux (the bonding agent)
– Dipping in hot zinc
– Passivation and cooling
– Finishing and packing
– Quality testing
– Storage and shipping