Piping systems and fittings

Israel’s leading company in development and manufacturing of ball valves, special ball valves and fittings on demand for complete control of water, gas, fuel and oil systems. The Company’s products stand out for their quality and years-long reliability.
Piping systems and fittings

Reliability Above All

The Company’s ball valves are built as a single slab, exceptionally strong and durable, thanks to Sagiv’s specialization in working brass through hot compression technologies and metalworking.
Sagiv has a quality assurance system which operates and is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and is under close supervision of the Standards Institute of Israel. The Company’s valves are compliant with a variety of international standards.

Additionally, Sagiv has a range of solutions for household piping, which includes fittings and its innovative Ultra Slide piping system - a worldwide Sagiv patent, which is suitable for all types of plastic piping (PEX).


Sagiv’s R&D Department closely collaborates with its customers’ engineering departments and provides solutions for the development of special solutions according to their needs.

Lines of Business

Drinking water systems
Gas systems
Air conditioning systems
Fuel and oil systems
Irrigation systems
Caravan products
Household piping

Product lines

The Green Line – ball valves for fuel and oil systems and for irrigation and drinking water systems worldwide
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The Orange Line – Israeli Standard-approved diagonal valves for drinking water
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Advanced household plumbing system – UltraSlide
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