T.P.Y. Yam Ltd. is Israel’s leading company marketing and distributing irrigation products for gardens and for agriculture, garden tools, household plumbing products, industrial piping, household electric appliances etc.

T.P.Y. Yam Ltd. is a marketing and distribution company specializing in wholesale marketing of Israeli and international brands. The Company’s logistics center and offices are located at the Emeq Heffer Industrial park with a floor area of approximately 60,000 square meters. T.P.Y. Yam Ltd. has set new standards for excellence, ranging from development of a line of cutting-edge products, through to its capabilities in terms of marketing, distribution and its network of trading relations with retail chains, wholesalers, professional stores etc.

The Company is committed to its credo of “Quality and Service are Us”, where this mindset drives its very being and its conduct, as evidenced by the hundreds of satisfied customers.

One of the Company’s shareholders is Sagiv. Sagiv Mashabe Sadeh is Israel’s leading company in manufacturing and exports of ball valves, special ball valves and fittings on demand for complete control of water, gas, fuel and oil. The synergy between the two companies has yielded innovation, professionalism and design breakthroughs in the plumbing industry.

This past year T.P.Y. has acquired the Electro Chanan Company, which specializes in electric solutions, household electric appliances and special heating elements for the home and for industry.

Some of the Company’s customers are:
DIY chains, food chains, hardware stores, building material stores, wholesalers, professional home stores specializing in landscaping and agriculture, industry, plant nurseries, landscaping contractors etc.