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Gaon Focus

Electrical and communication channels


PVC piping and accessories designed for running underground communication lines.

Connection method: socket-plug diameter 110 mm

Gray color


PVC-U electricity

Designed for underground transportation of electrical cables.

Has high ring stiffness.

SN 8,16,32

Connection method: socket-plug

Diameters: 110-225 mm

Gray color


Electrical accessories

Beehive – 2 entrances/ 4/6/8

Trumpet clutch

Plugs – male / female / cover

Arc 45/30/45/60/90 degrees

Clutch, Compit communication plug


Channels and profiles

Made of PVC.

Intended for transporting electrical, communication and electronics cables.

Dimensions: 5×8 / 100×200

Cover only also available

* Aluminum channel, divided – also available

Dimensions: 140×60
Color: white

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