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Double eccentric butterfly valves

Eccentric butterfly valves are so called because their axes connecting the disk (shelf) of the valve to its body, are given in pivot houses that are on the diameter line of the shelf but outside the shelf itself.

This structure gives an advantage when closing the valve , in that at the end of the closing stroke, the shelf converges to the body of the valve in an arcuate and not axial movement, so that the high flow speed that is created with the reduction of the water passage area in front of the maintained pressure – is distributed over more area than in closing with an axial movement.

Hakohav has been representing the Italian DI NICOLA company for years, which owns a large and very old factory that creates various types of valves , specializing in the development and production of valves dedicated to high pressures and large diameters.

Due to the issue of water safety as well as the safety aspect, locking devices are integrated in these valves to secure the locking of the valve’s closed position when it is required to be in this position.

A seal with a special structure and cut is installed around the perimeter of the shelf and it seals precisely against a non-metallic ring in the body of the valve.

The double and triple eccentric butterfly valves that we market in Israel, are all tested in the factory’s testing facility in Italy and again in the testing facilities of the Hakohav factory in Kiryat Gat.

Our company accompanies the valves from the planning stage, through the order to the installation and verification of the function.

Hundreds of such valves with diameters from 24″ to 64″ have been installed in Israel, in addition to more than fifty giant valves with diameters of 80″ and above, most of them commissioned by the national water company, Mekorot.

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