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107 valves series

The leading valve for central air conditioning systems where reliability is irreplaceable!

Hakohav Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of valves in Israel for the field of flow transmission and is a symbol of careful planning, optimal performance and exceptional reliability.

Butterfly valves in central air conditioning systems are used as disconnect units, for possible future buffering for the treatment of sub-systems. The name of the game in these systems is reliability. Such a valve is usually installed in a hidden installation, and upon command it is required to disconnect a section of piping, an action that can occur years after its installation.

For the production of the 107 series, with the reliability of the product at the forefront of our mind, Hakohav uses advanced and unique technology to coat the inside of the valve so that the metal and rubber are united as one body in a unique process called vulcanization, resulting in a high-quality product that lasts longer than any other alternative on the market.

Unlike standard valves, in the 107 series, hidden connections are used between the stainless steel hinges and the valve disk, to prevent corrosion and premature failure, as well as to prevent moisture in the operating mechanism that will damage the valve later on.

The 107 series for air conditioning systems, the most reliable units in the world in general and in Israel in particular.

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